Casual Fridays

11th July 2014

If I’m being perfectly honest, the babe is hardly ever actually wearing shoes. Because, well why? She isn’t walking yet and her feet are rarely in contact with ground that isn’t either carpet or grass. It makes for a tough argument that she actually REQUIRES shoes. But, but, but. Still.

It takes a stronger person than me (I imagine that’s not difficult), to resist this matchingness.

Both: Converse obvi


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Popsicle Season

2nd July 2014

I’m not one for extremes, weather-wise. I love Spring and Fall. Moderate temperatures. Not bitter-eye-wateringly-cold; and not uber-sweaty-Ark-of-the-Covenant-hot. However, I’ve got to hand it to Summer, which really has it’s moments: pools, BBQs, cold beer, and of course frozen treats of all kinds. On a recent park outing, the babe tried her first popsicle and it was rather a huge hit. Not altogether surprising because a) she loves eating and b) popsicles. are. really. good.

Anyway, Summer also screams neon, which I love probably as much as cold beer. So while I may not go for extreme weather, the babe and I can always embrace some extreme colour blocking.

Hers: similar Carter’s light knit cardigan, Oshkosh shorts, babyGap Sunnies. Mine: similar neon pink sweater, AE Hi-Rise jeggings, Raybans.

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Babe with a babe in a sling

16th June 2014

My sister had her most recent baby at home with a midwife, as did my BFF and one of my sisters-in-law. I live in a neighbourhood where the best (only?) baby store is based almost entirely on it’s cloth diaper business. Birkenstocks abound (and not in a recent, Vogue told me to kinda way.) Expensive strollers cruise in and out of organic meat markets, yoga studios and naturopathic health food stores. #crunchy

I, on the other hand, lean a little the other way. Shocking, I’m sure. So when the nice people at Hot Slings asked if I wanted to try one of their baby-wearing slings, I was admittedly a little skeptical of how much I would enjoy it. My aforementioned BFF had lent me one of those complicated, stretchy ones that you tie around yourself in 17 places and then slide the baby in while doing downward dog. (Shhhh, don’t tell her but I never used it.) It was intimidating and frankly, took so long to put on that the babe was usually having a $hitfit by the time I was ready. #sadface

My motto is “I’ll try anything twice” (it is also “If you buy it, you’ll have it” but that’s for a different kind of post) so I said sure and decided to keep an open mind. Well, hot damn, Hot Slings. Both the babe and I legit <3 it. #forrealzies

At first, I was all like ok, I’ll read the directions and watch the little video and give it a quick spin. The babe had a cold at the time and was a lot fussier than usual. Our quick spin turned into me wearing her around the house all evening. Piglet (her BFF) rode with us. Not yet at an age where she really “snuggles” per se; she’s thrilled to pull your hair but less stoked about kisses while she’s you know, awake. While in the sling, the babe actually put her head down on my chest for much of it, and my heart obviously silently exploded. #WIN

The second time out, the Big Guy was taking us to run errands in a little rented Fiat convertible, that literally DOES NOT FIT ANY KIND OF STROLLER ANYWHERE but according to him was still the practical choice. (Riiiiiight.) Anyway,  I’m all, NP, Big Guy, I’ll bring the sling! He’s like, you do recall how our gigantor baby is 23lbs? Won’t that kill your back? It was a fair question, but didn’t turn out to be an issue. Both the babe and I were comfortable and the sling packs away into any purse or bag. #awfullyhandy

So despite my initial reservations, I have to give this a big ol’ two emoji thumbs up. Not to mention how much easier it is to use a martini shaker with two free hands. I mean, one handing that while holding a baby seems downright irresponsible.

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